1. beauty-isachoice:

    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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  3. Dünenweg.

  4. betomad:

    foggy hut in Annaberg. photo by Fabian Irsara

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  5. matsvri:

    Lausanne, Switzerland ✕ Andrey Avtomonov

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  6. Ja. Ich mag Baeume und Baeume moegen mich. Da kann es schonmal zu Kollisionen kommen!


  7. mylittleghoulie:

    October feels like the home sweet home of all the months. The moment the calendar reaches October 1st I get this warm and cozy feeling that lasts for 31 glorious days. I absolutely love it.

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  9. lonely
    The beginning of the day
  10. Westkapelle - Niederlande.

  11. fuckyeahtinyhouses:

    cozy tiny home with cobblestone path.

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  12. ponderation:

    birches and beeches by hannes cmarits

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  13. allthingseurope:

    Bergamo, Italy (by Linus Wärn)

  14. Sand an den Fuessen und dem Meeresrauschen lauschen. Das ist wohl das Beste!

  15. warrensebastian:

    reading the paper & having a cuppa’